White Bean(Cannellini), Asparagus and Basil Hummus or Dip

May 22, 2010

We have a lot of Salvia plants in our garden. I particularly love the ones around our mail box. Come spring, and the Salvia erupt into a glorious bloom. This year, our Salvia are particularly lush and gorgeous, probably because of all the rain. Nothing makes me happier than coming home to these purple tufts of Salvia, buzzing [...]

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Shaved Carrot Salad with Pecans and Tangy Honey Vinaigrette

May 20, 2010

Here’s an easy, simple carrot salad that will be a great side dish. I love packing this for a summer picnic. Sweet, tangy, crisp yumminess! I like shaving the carrots into ribbons or strips using a vegetable peeler. If you wish, you could grate or julienne them. Tips – For extra crisp carrots, place the shaved [...]

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Mor Kuzhambu or South Indian Yogurt Coconut Curry

May 15, 2010

Mor kuzhambu or moor kulambu, however you spell it, is a satisfying south Indian dish made with yogurt and fresh coconut. Mor is buttermilk in Tamil and kulambu is gravy or curry. I use yogurt to make this dish (instead of buttermilk) because it makes the gravy thicker. Peppercorns are wonderful in this dish. You [...]

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How I shot the floating cranberry photo

May 13, 2010

Many of you wrote to me asking how I shot this floating/suspended cranberry photo that appeared in this post. Did I drop the cranberry into the bowl and shoot while it was falling? Did I hold the cranberry up using a skewer or something similar and then photoshop the skewer? Was this two photos that were [...]

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Rhubarb Raspberry Polenta Cake

May 11, 2010

Its rhubarb season! Grocery store shelves are brimming with these beautiful red stalks. I couldnt let spring roll around and not make anything with rhubarb! Usually, rhubarb is used along with strawberries in pies (because rhubarb and strawberry seasons coincide). This recipe features rhubarb, along with raspberries in a polenta or cornmeal cake. If you like corn [...]

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South African Bunny Chow – my vegetarian version with Chickpeas

May 4, 2010

South African cuisine is a titillating mix of Indian, British, Malay, Portuguese and Indonesian food. Every group of settlers has left its own mark on the country’s cuisine. Bunny Chow, also called ‘bunny’ is one of the Indian community’s contributions to South African cuisine. Indian immigrant laborers are credited with inventing this dish nearly 200 years ago. They [...]

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Spaghetti and Spinach Balls

May 3, 2010

I first had this amazing pasta dish at Italia restaurant in Park Pod hotel, Chennai, India. Wanting to recreate the dish at home, I googled around to see if there were similar recipes. To my surprise I found a very similar recipe that is served at the famous Carluccios restaurant in UK! My recipe is inspired [...]

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Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

April 29, 2010

I almost feel bad giving you a recipe for lemonade. I mean, its a no brainer right? Just mix up sugar, lemon juice, and water, thats it. So, to spruce up the humble lemonade, I added some blueberries (and vodka!). The extra tang and brilliant color were fantastic! We loved eating the lemonade soaked blueberies in the end [...]

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