Jamaican Style Curried Kale and White Bean ‘Patties’

March 12, 2009
jamaican patties

  Just as I was prepping to make these yummy savory pastries, we heard a little ‘thud’ outside. S and I went out to the deck to see what was going on. It was a little red bird lying motionless and belly up on the deck. Little red feathers were floating down. We quickly realized [...]

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Blackberry Frozen Yogurt with Lychees

March 9, 2009
lychee and black berry

  We had fabulous weather over the weekend. It was almost like summer! So I decided to do a summery frozen yogurt and pair it with one of my favorite fruits – lychees (or litchis). I made the frozen yogurt with blackberries and piped it into the lychees. So you could also call this lychees [...]

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Cajun Brown Rice with Veggies and Red Beans

March 3, 2009
cajun brown rice

  This is a hearty one pot meal for a cold night. You can put it together with minimal fuss, so this is also a great dish to make on a busy work day. This is a flexible recipe – use any kind of rice, veggies and beans you like. I used a blend of [...]

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Chocolate Cup Cake Baked in a Cup

February 20, 2009
chocolate cake in a cup

  I just may have created the world’s most expensive cupcakes. Thanks to UPS. Let me explain… My sister moves a lot for her job. And every time she moves, it’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to send her something homemade and chocolaty. She is moving this week and I sent her mini [...]

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Rose Pomegranate Fizz

February 18, 2009
rose pomegranate fizz

a Turkish themed Valentine’s day dinner   Rose flavoring is used mainly in Turkish sweets and desserts. I also had some really nice rose flavored tea in Istanbul. This drink is inspired by all the rose flavor I encountered in Turkey. Rose Pomegranate Fizz makes 2 cups   4 tbsp Sugar (more, if you like [...]

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Open-Faced Spinach and Feta Borek

February 18, 2009

a Turkish themed Valentine’s day dinner     If there was one thing I loved eating the most in Turkey, it was spinach borek. These spinach and feta filled pastries were everywhere. Street vendors sold them on carts outside the blue mosque in Istanbul, in the grand bazaar, by the gorgeously lit bosphorous at night….boreks [...]

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Muhammara – Walnut Pomegranate Dip

February 17, 2009

a Turkish themed Valentine’s day dinner Why a Turkish theme for valentine’s day dinner you ask? When we visited Turkey, we discovered that in the touristy areas, almost every edible thing for sale was marked as either an aphrodisiac or a viagara substitute. No matter what a vendor was selling, he claimed it was good [...]

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Roasted Parsnip Soup with Fresh Herb and Caper Chimichurri

February 10, 2009
parsnip soup

  Raw parsnips are quite carrot like. They smell like carrots and taste a little like carrots. But when you roast parsnips, they take on a completely different character – they get intense and sweet. When I lived in England, roasted parsnips were as common as roasted potatoes in my college cafeteria. In this soup, [...]

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