DMBLGIT May 2013 – Does My Blog Look Good in This

May 8, 2013

DMBLGIT May 2013 (Does My Blog Look Good in This) is being hosted right here on Veggie Belly! I am very excited to host this amazing food photo contest because I have enjoyed being both a DMBLGIT winner and a judge. DMBLGIT was started by Andrew of Spittoon Extra several years ago, and this hugely [...]

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Garlic Rasam Recipe

March 15, 2013

Every home cook must have a good rasam recipe under their belt. This light, tangy and spicy south Indian dish is usually served as a main dish with rice and potato curry. But my favorite way of serving it is in cups, like a soup, along with some crisp potato chips. Perfectly warming for a [...]

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Bread Upma Recipe

February 26, 2013

I’m very bad. I get midnight cravings for bread upma – a spiced, stir fried bread dish. Its very easy to make and there is always bread lying around that needs to be used up. So I can tip toe into the kitchen at midnight and quickly whip up this snack without waking up the [...]

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Quick Poha (Flattened Rice) Recipe

February 21, 2013

For me, Poha (or pohe or powa) is a childhood favorite. Although a breakfast dish in the Indian state of Maharashtra, we used to have poha as an evening snack after school. Whether you make this poha recipe for breakfast, as a main dish or as a snack, its quick, filling, and tasty. Batata poha [...]

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Stupidly Easy Peanut Noodles

February 18, 2013

Can you cook pasta? Do you know how to chop garlic? Yes? Then you’re in business! This peanut noodles recipe is easy and fool proof! You can make it ahead of time and it will keep well in the fridge for up to two days. Plus, it tastes great warm or cold. This easy peanut [...]

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Pumpkin Kootu Recipe

February 14, 2013

The very talented Nags of Edible Garden blog brings us this easy pumpkin kootu recipe today. A kootu is a side dish of vegetables cooked with lentils. And I cant think of anyone better than Nags to guest post about this traditional South Indian recipe. Her blog is full of everyday, fuss-free Indian recipes. Take it [...]

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Quick Healthy Tomato Soup & An Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala

February 11, 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing for a while! Offline, non-blog stuff took over. But I’m back now and have  an irresistible line up of vegetarian recipes for you this year! I’m in Kerala, India right now, on an Ayurvedic retreat. Its something I do once every two years or so, and there is no [...]

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Acorn Squash Stuffed with Brown Rice Mushroom Pilaf

November 14, 2012

Here is a vegetarian recipe for thanksgiving that is both easy to make AND a show stopper! With this baked acorn squash stuffed with brown rice mushroom pilaf, you won’t even miss the turkey. And you can easily make this dish the day before and just warm it in the microwave – so it’s a [...]

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