Thanksgiving Menu – You voted, I cooked. Results are in!

by Sala @ Veggie Belly on November 27, 2008

Thankyou all so much for participating in my Thanksgiving menu vote! I truly appreciate your input. The results are in!

We are celebrating thanksgiving at my in-law’s place. My father in law is making the turkey (which I dont eat) and I volunteered to bring the rest of the food. I had great trouble deciding what to cook for Thanksgiving this year. So I had a poll. Thankyou for your votes, you’ve picked a great menu and Ive cooked it!

Polled by

Semolina cutlets won the appetizer category. Many of you were curious about this dish and voted for it so you could see the recipe!

In the side dish category, wine and thyme mushrooms was the clear winner. This dish was also the over all winner, getting the most number of votes. I’m not surprised you picked this, its a great tasting dish!

Minty veggie kebabs won as entree. But I did not make this dish today. I just found out that I will be the only vegetarian at thanksgiving dinner at my inlaws. So it didnt seem worth while to make an entree just for myself. That doesnt mean you wont get the recipe for the minty veggie kebabs. I made these last week, the recipe is in this post.

Dessert – up untill the last minute there was a tie between apple baklava and pumpkin pie. I guess tradition won in the end. Pumpkin pie it is!

Now for the loser. The least number of votes goes to Tofurky! No surprises here :)

So heres the Thanksgiving menu:
(click on each or scroll down for the recipe posts)

Appetizer – Semolina Cutlets
Side – Wine and Thyme Mushrooms
Entree – Minty Veggie Kebabs with Creamy Cucumber Raita
Dessert – Pumpkin Pie
Orange Mulled Wine (not in poll)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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