Exotic Eats Giveaway, We have TWO Winners!!

by Sala @ Veggie Belly on January 25, 2009

Thankyou all for entering the random drawing for the Exotic Eats Giveaway! Before I reveal the lucky winner, let me tell you how I picked the winner… I counted everyone that commented in the Exotic Eats Giveaway post. In addition, everyone that blogged about the giveaway and linked to my post were counted twice. I also decided to pick not one, but two winners!

I was initially going to be very scientific and use Random.org to pick a random winner. But then S convinced me that the old fashioned pick-a-name-from-a-hat method was more fun. We didnt use a hat, but we put everyone’s names in a very pretty draw string bag my mother sent from India. We decided S should pick the lucky winner. .

Now, when it comes to stuff like this, S brings a lot of good luck. He has a Forrest Gump like ability to attract all things positive. Seriously. He picked 90% of this year’s Golden Globe winners correctly. And he hadn’t seen even a single one of the movies!

Still not convinced about S’s magical powers? How about this…

When S was 8 years old, he used to pretend to read people’s palms for fun. He read the palm of Mr.M, a family friend. S predicted that Mr.M will own a ship one day. Sure enough, a few years later Mr.M bought a ship (I think he started a shipping company)!

Here are the two winners S picked.

The lucky winner is….

Heather won Malbec Jam!

The bonus winner is….

Hondaray6 won Dulce de Leche with Hazelnuts!

Congratulations to both winners!! Please email me your addresses!

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